The secret of good and successful wind ensemble music?
It's a question of ability – not taste.

Music was my first love ...

I was born in s'Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands in 1964. Since theory and practice are inseparable for me, I studied music and played music before, during and after my studies. I was a member of various orchestras in the Netherlands, for example, the Royal Military Band, the Marine Corps Band of the Royal Navy and the National Symphony Orchestra.

I completed my „Musical Theory“ class successfully at the Music School Arnhem (NL) in the fields of trombone, euphonium and conducting.

I came to Germany in 1991, first as a trombonist with the orchestra in Heiligenstadt and from 1994 onward as the principal trombonist of the Volkswagen Philharmonic Orchestra in Wolfsburg.

I started my professional career as a conductor in 1997. I became musical director of the the Jugendblasorchester Hanover – today Young Unlimited Orchestra Hanover. In 2001, I was appointed as director and conductor of the Concert Band and the Big Band of the Volkswagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

2002 saw the birth of OPUS112, the orchestra of the Hanover Fire Department. The old orchestra could look back on a long history of 70 years, but had a rather bleak future then. I came to change this as the new conductor. Today, OPUS112 with its vibrant and forward-oriented repertoire is a fine example of the full range of symphonic wind band music. The 65+ member ensemble quite rightly enjoys special status in the music scene of Hanover. It is known as one of the best and most respected symphonic wind bands in northern Germany and beyond. As shown by its successful concert tours, for example in Poland (2008) and China (2012/ 2013).

In the field of music education, I have worked at the music school Langenhagen from 1999 to 2012 and at the high school of Uetze with its brass classes and the school orchestra since 2006.

As a conductor and orchestra leader, I have been responsible for the church brass ensemble of Emmerstedt from 1993 to 1999; from 2005 to 2015, I have been in charge of the church brass ensemble of the Martin Luther parish in Ehlershausen. I have been conductor and instructor of the Band of the fire brigade in Ramlingen-Ehlershausen for the last ten years.

At the Kreismusikschule Peine I am working since 2014 as an instructor in the "deep brass" and served as conductor of the symphony orchestra. Since 2015 I am also the conductor of the Youth Brass Orchestra and responsible as head of foreign contacts and large ensembles.

The common goal in all tasks is always: To have an ensemble oriented towards the future with a modern repertoire, a corresponding appearance and a well-functioning youth section.

In 2007 I ended my commitments with the Volkswagen Philharmonic Orchestra to devote myself completely to my other orchestras, bands, and especially to teach my many individual students in the fields of trombone, trumpet and euphonium.

I have taken up various engagements as an instructor in seminars or classes for brass instruments, wind instruments, church brass ensembles (Posaunenchor). My work as a conductor and instructor takes me around Germany and the Netherlands, while my main focus remains on letting others benefit from my extensive experience in the field of brass and wind music in all its facets.

By the way: As a judge in competitions of the Fire Brigades Music Association of Lower Saxony and through regular engagements in professional orchestras, I have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the „other side” of my first and last love.

(Brass) Music has also offered me the chance to see how it can help to bridge cultural differences worldwide. My experiences on numerous concert tours around the world as a conductor, soloist and musician have given a new stimulus to my daily work. Here is a selection: 1989 Switzerland (Neuchâtel) 1990 Southern Poland (Warsaw, Lublin) 1991 Spain 1992 Spain and Andorra in 1994 Chile (Santiago, Valparaiso and Copiapo) 1995 Jordan (Jerash Music Festival) 1996 South Africa (Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London) 1998 Vietnam (Hanoi, Hue, Saigon), 1999 France (Paris, Rouen) 2000 Vietnam / Thailand (Saigon, Bangkok) 2001 Australia (Sydney, Canberra) 2003 Russia (St. Petersburg) 2004 England (Bristol, Bristol Music Festival, London) 2004 France (Rouen) 2005 Portugal (Lisbon) 2006 The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Zaandam) 2008 Poland (Poznan) 2012/13 China (Beijing, Suzhou, Nanjing and others)

Hugo Loosveld Portrait 2

Music was my first love ...
The opening line of John Miles' worldwide hit “Music” describes it aptly:

„Music was my first love and it'll be my last – Music of the future and music of the past.“

And thank God my wife (as a musician) has no problems with my „ first and last love.“